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Oregon State Assembly

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Who We Are

Every resident of the great state of Oregon are members of the Oregon State Assembly. What we as residents of Oregon haven’t had is a functioning body for our State that executes the peoples business, the way they want it done, and when they want it done.

Just like the lawn guy doesn’t tell us what he’s going to do, he does what we pay him to do, and we don’t tell him how to run his business or who he hires to mow our lawn, the OSdjA is here to enforce the will of the residents of our state.

The Oregon State de jure Assembly is a ratified de jure and de facto governance body for the State of Oregon. Our Hall of Records ratification number is filed in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

What We Do

Job one is returning all rights to the people of Oregon.
Job Two is getting the work done that the residents of Oregon want done.

Responsibilities are now being moved from the State level to the local level to ensure true self-governance is possible – this is the only way to govern our state, no longer through a “representative” government that not only doesn’t listen, but doesn’t even follow it’s own laws and regulations.

Oregonians know their communities and deserve the power to represent them, improve them, protect them and nurture them.

Finally our job is to bring project based funding to our residents. Projects like new schools (and school choice), the coffee stand and the hospital. Paving the roads that you know need it in your area, infrastructure that needs repair and above all, an assurance of protection of the rights of every single member of the Oregon State Family

How does the Oregon State de jure Assembly achieve its Mission?

  • We have a 12 member elected council and 12 core committees. Their jobs are to make sure that we are executing the will of the residents of Oregon. We don’t make legislation, the people do. We simply make sure that the work mandated by the people is accomplished.

If you are a resident of Oregon, you already belong to the Oregon State Assembly. If you are looking for a way to help, then contact us at the Oregon State de jure Assembly below.

Oregon Assembly

We are the working body for the State of Oregon.

If you believe you have the drive, will and ability to help get the work done here in Oregon, fill out this contact form and we’ll have you in for a closer look.

If you are interested in helping with the work here in Oregon with the OSdjA – if you are ready to work, then you are welcome.