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Oregon State
de jure Assembly

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Who We Are

The Oregon State de jure Assembly is a group of non-politically motivated men and women 18 years or older who understand their rightful place at the table with our governing officials. As a fourth arm of government, Oregon State de jure Assembly has been given the proper authority, as described in our founding documents, to monitor the public servants of the territory that is Oregon to ensure that they act on behalf of the people with full compliance to their Constitutional oaths.

What We Do

The Oregon State de jure Assembly’s mission is to achieve full compliance of our public servants at every level of government statewide from your local Board of Education Members, Traffic Court Justices and Sheriffs to the Governor. We wish to return our state to its people and the original “Law of the Land.”

How does Oregon State de jure Assembly achieve its Mission?

  • Appoint council members (officers)
  • Vote to install a de jure governing body
  • Collect and discuss evidence of crimes against the people.
  • Decide on the proper redress of grievances
  • Decide on the process, procedures, statutes, and limitations of their state and/or respective counties
  • Investigate any matter that affects the people
  • Call for a de jure Grand Jury 
  • Command the activity of the organized civilian defense to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic

Oregon State de jure Assembly

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the OSdjA – let us know, all are welcome.

PO Box 70534
Springfield, OR 97475